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Through the symbolysm of stones and the universal codes of a spiritual approach, crystals transmit timeless vibrations creating a talisman source of protective energies.

The power of stones is expressed through the ability of the mineral kingdom to restore order to our bodies. It allows us to awaken our full consciousness, to align our energies and to cultivate love.

Each piece of the collection is a unique and luminous jewel that becomes the link between the body, the soul and the universe.

The collection

Raw and one of a kind jewels with a universal soul, handcrafted with the ancestral energy of our Earth, symbol of life and feminity. 

When a creation manifests itself, time disappears and it transmits from its source something timeless.

Paola Marassi Colliers pendentifs talismans de pierres gemmes et perles sertis de pierres semi précieuses
Paola Marassi Boucles d'oreilles tourmalines multicolores fait main
Paola Marassi Bracelets de pierres precieuses incrustées de pierres gemmes fait main
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