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Avec des techniques créatives et une esthétique personnelle, chaque bijou est réalisé en respectant ses formes naturelles et en ajoutant des formes sculptées ou des pierres gemmes serties.

La combinaison du brut et du précieux, du minéral et de l’organique donne naissance à une création unique.

Pièces uniques ou petites séries en édition limitée.

Toute la collection est réalisée de façon artisanale à Paris.

The workshop

With creative techniques and own aesthetics, each Jewel is made by respecting its natural form and adding sculpted shapes or set gemstones.

The combination of the raw and the precious, the mineral and the organic gives rise to a unique creation.

PAOLA MARASSI bijoux créateurs
Paola Marassi l'atelier workshop
La marque Paola Marassi brand

All Jewelry are handmade in Paris.


One of a kind pieces or small series in limited edition.

Paola Marassi handmade jewelry
Paola Marassi one of a kind creations

The designer

Paola Marassi The designer

From a family of Italian artists, Paola cultivated her creative imagination in her grandfather's library, immersed in opera and surrounded by Italian Renaissance art books.

After graduating from the Buenos Aires School of Fine Arts, Argentina, she continued her artistic journey at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art.


"During my years at the Conservatory I was already making my first jewelry creations, vintage brooches that I reworked by adding ribbons and crystals. 

Then after meeting my yoga master Mataji Indra Devi my life took a spiritual path.

I began to practice yoga and meditation while immersing myself in the wisdom of Indian culture, its crafts and colors ! An understanding of the union between the body and the mind.

I understood that this artistic and spiritual duality was part of my life and that I could express it through my creations. That's when stones appeared as the perfect link between these two facets.

I set up my workshop in Buenos Aires and made jewelry collections on commission.

During one of my trips, after a stay in London, I decided to settle in Paris, where I still live.

Since then, my savoir-faire has evolved reaffirming my desire to work with nature and its colors.


I design and produce in my workshop one of a kind pieces or small series, jewelry that are also sculptures, a work of handmade craftsman.


Each piece of the collection transmits this timeless force of nature that unites us, the feeling of knowing that we are one with the universe and that this union makes us stronger."

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