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For GOLD PLATED jewelry


Gold plating or “plaqué or” is a process of covering a metal with a layer of gold, by electroplating. In France, the standards impose a minimum thickness of Gold of 3 microns for the jewels for the appellation "gold plated".

The quality of a gilding lies mainly in the thickness of gold applied. We speak then in micrometer for the thickness of a gilding. The gold plating corresponds to a thickness of gold less than 3 microns while the "gold plated" or “plaqué or” corresponds to a minimum thickness of 3 microns.


It is not recommended to wear jewelry while sleeping, swimming or playing sports, nor is it recommended to expose it to contact with cosmetics and perfumes. Patina tends to fade over time, and will disappear more or less quickly depending on how the jewelry is cared for. The fading patina is the result of perfectly normal natural wear.



For silver jewelry

Silver jewelry naturally oxidize with air and humidity. Occasional cleaning with a soft cloth will keep the silver shiny and remove the oxidation. Store your silver jewelry in a sealed bag away from the air to prevent oxidation as much as possible.


For all jewelry

Store your jewelry individually.

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