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This collection made of freshwater pearls combines the timelessness of the classic with the renewal of the color. 


« The feminine energy »


Collection Moon
Collection Element

This collection is made of raw or faceted crystals with different types of chains.

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« The cosmic harmony »


This collection is made of raw, polished or cut crystals joined by knots like an ancient ritual, forming a long "mauli" necklace.

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« The initiation »

Collection Element Rituels
Collection Halo


« The source of light»

This collection is made of cabochon or faceted gemstones with freshwater pearls and inlaid gemstones.

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This collection is made of multicolored tourmalines associated with aquamarines, amethysts, crystal and smoky quartz, and beryls.

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« The pure principle »

Collection Elixir
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